The IST Team is developing software

We have a lot of experience in development on that platform.

We are also enthusiasts of the Apache Sling Framework. For the Open Source community we have developed some tools around the Sling framework. This Composum Platform is a simplified approach to develop your Web Applications similar to Adobe AEM.

the Team behind Composum

content management and AI integration


Composum is a Content Management System with useful tools and a framework to make it easy to use the Apache Sling framework as a general application development platform. There are some modules published as Open Source and more modules in development to prepare the publishing.

  • Composum Pages - a full featured Content Management System (released, Open Source)
  • Composum Assets - a management tool for responsive images (work in progress, Open Source)
  • Composum Platform - a set of services to provide content staging using JCR versions (released, Open Source)
  • Composum Nodes - a set of tools to work with a Sling based JCR repository (published, Open Source)

AI Integration

With Composum AI, our new AI integration module for AEM and Composum Pages, you can easily use Open AI services such as Chat GPT to create or improve your web content or to translate your content into different languages.

Give it a try!

AEM and Sling support

We are experts in AEM development and the usage of the underlaying Sling Framework in various projects.

We can support your projects in various roles - contact us: